Software developer, Scrum Master, and genealogist.

I’m Mike, a full-stack developer and genealogist based in Gilbert, Arizona. In my spare time I develop technologies that empower genealogists to explore history. And Pickleball.

Livewire properties cannot have the same name as Livewire methods, otherwise the component will not work properly.

By default a new Forge Cache server comes with Redis 7.x and is bound to loopback ip addresses only. To allow communication between Forge servers, you will need to update the bind setting in /etc/redis/redis.conf.

Sometimes you need to let developers connect to production databases for debuging purposes. It's best if they have read-only access to prevent accidents. I've been there.

From time to time you might see strange disk usage on your database server. This query is a quick way to see if any of the tables are growing inexpectedly.